Sicily Food

Delicate but with a resolute taste, it arises from the noble parts of the black pig. Highly fragrant, you have to taste it because it is tasty even alone. Chop a thick slice and cut it in cubes, eating it you may appreciate the consistence and the alternation between lean parts and fat ones.

The Nebrodi Black Pig Italian Cured Ham is the soul of our territory. Pleasant as needed, but not too salted. I’ll tell you more: it is the Italian ‘pata negra’!  Do you think I’m exaggerating? No, I’m not… because these two products have the same genetic at the base.

Try it! The Nebrodi Black Pig Capocollo is the most typical salumi of our land. Therefore today it is absolutely the king of appetisers! Use it to improve your salumi dishes and to make them unique

Our sausage is classically U-shaped. Why? This unique form is due to an ancient tradition. As a matter of fact our ancestors used to let it dry on a wood board hanging from the ceiling.

The Nebrodi Mountains are a land of shepherds and cowherds, and in the past especially in transhumance these young men did not return home. Then, in their sack next to the wine they put a piece of Black Pig Nebrodi cheek. Easy to preserve and very nutritious salami.

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