What is the Nebrodi Black Pig Culatello? Are you confused? Let us clarify your doubts.

Since the Black Pig thigh can be used either for ham or for culatello, where is the difference? Obviously, in the part used for the production.Culatello di Suino Nero dei nebrodi

The culatello is a ham without rind and bone, while the ham has a bone, the rind and classic guitar shape.

As a consequence, the Nebrodi Black Pig Culatello is a delicious kind of ham, unmistakable in taste and appearance. I’ll tell you more! It has a characteristic edging of lard in its lower part.

Its value is that it does not need particular combinations, you can accompany it with cheese shavings. You can combine those with hard or soft paste with its delicious aroma.


Anatomical parts used: whole thigh boned and scalped

Aspect: Stable and uniform red

Consistence: Compact and soft

Appearance when cut: Compact slice, without removing the lean from the fat

Weight: variable between 3 kg and 5 kg

Taste: sweet without aftertaste

Fragrance: scented like seasoned ham

Curiosity: It is so called because it is derived from the posterior muscle band of the pig. It is a very fine cut, the culatello is in fact obtained by sacrificing the ham from which it is isolated.

NEBRODI BLACK PIG CULATELLO NUTRITIONAL VALUES.  Nutritional medium values. Values each 100g
Energetic value 370 Kcal 1547 KJ
Protein 22,5 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Fats 31 g
Sature fats 11 g
Alimentar fibers 0 g
Sodium 2,26 g