Ham Flake


The Ham Flake is a very lean meat, with a little noble cut fat. Only the long-lasting seasoning makes possible the intense fragrance that is released in its slicing.

So we can consider it a Pocket Ham. It shares the same anatomical part with the ham, while it is different from Culatello because of the presence of fat.

Although it is a very versatile salami in our culinary tradition it accompanies the great celebrations. Its fine cut, the seasoning in a natural environment, the flavouring by hand only with salt and pepper make it even more prized. Consider that you can propose it paired with the other Black Pork Nebrodi Cured Meats. But it can and must be also tasted in its purity in order not to alter its flavour.


Organoleptic characteristics/ Tasting notes:

Appearance: Stable uniform red meat

Consistence: Compact and soft

Appearance when cut: The slice is definitely homogeneous both in color and in compactness


Taste: Sweet

Odor: Delicate, light

Curiosity: The thigh of the black pig is the same used to make the raw ham, from which is derived a first cut, which is the Culatello and then the Bow Ham.


NEBRODI BLACK PIG HAM FLAKE NUTRITIONAL VALUES.  Nutritional medium values. Values each 100g
Energetic value 370 Kcal 1547 KJ
Protein 22,5 g
Carbohydrates 0
Fats 31 g
Sature fats 11 g
Alimentar fibers 0 g
Sodium 2,26 g