From the pig breeder Eumeo to today: Sicily, land of quality products.

The Nebrodi Black Pig History proves that this race has gone through the centuries. But it mainly emphasises that its manufacturing has stayed the same during all this time. This is the reason why we still breed the Nebrodi Black Pig: it is a historical and ancient race.

Let me explain you that about 2700 years ago Homer described for the first time a swine breeding. After the Troy War and the long years of wonderings through the Mediterranean Sea, Ulysses could finally come back to Ithaca. There he found that one among the few people who stayed loyal to him is Eumeo, the pig breeder.

Black Pig History

Two centuries Before Christ, people living in Rome just knew Sicilian Swine Production. It was the Nebrodi Black Pigs Recovery. We can find this kind of traditional breeding throughout the Middle Ages and also during the Arabic domination, despite the religious motivations. It has reached the present age with scattered presences throughout Sicily and especially on the Nebrodi and on the Madonie mountains.

What is the origin of this breed? 

As I told before, the Sicilian Nebrodi Black Pig is ‘framed’ in an ancient race appointed Sicilian Indigenous Breed

According to some researchers (such as Tucci and Giuliani to mention some) the Nebrodi Black Pig derives for an Indigenous Strain. For other academics (such as Faelli) it could come from a Neapolitan race. Instead in Montanari’s opinion the Nebrodi Black Pig might be a successor of the ‘Sanson Iberian Breed‘.

What does it mean? 

The Spanish pata negra and the Nebrodi Black Pig have the same genesis, indeed they can be considered relatives. But they are different in many features. The plentiful presence of noble fat (marbling) assures softness and seasoning. These are the elements which make the Nebrodi Black Pig unique, so unique that it can be appointed as one of the greatest Italian Biodiversity.


As a result we obtain excellence typical bio-products thanks to the unique and optimal environment, and thanks to the breeding techniques and to the manufacturing.

Nebrodi Black Pig Products become symbols of Sicilian typicalness and tastiness. The genuineness of the meats makes it a flagship product that can never lack on the dining tables of the people who really love high quality food.