Nebrodi Black Pig Mortadella


Last product of our handmade manufacturing but certainly not least.

The Nebrodi Black Pig Mortadella is called the Nebrodi Black. It is our last product, but last is not obviously referred to the time-lapse.

Delicate but with a resolute taste, it arises from the noble parts of the black pig. Highly fragrant, you have to taste it because it is tasty even alone. Chop a thick slice and cut it in cubes, eating it you may appreciate the consistence and the alternation between lean parts and fat ones.

On the white pizza or inside a piece of freshly baked bread it becomes irresistible…

Nebrodi black pig mortadella

Can you smell its scent?

Yes, also us, when it is baked in our ovens, because it wraps everything into its heady scent.

Think that the cooking of the mortadella is slow and prolonged and it lasts 24h at a constant temperature.

Are you hungry? I understand you. How can someone resist to such a tasty product?

You can not miss the mortadella in your aperitifs or appetiser.

The unmistakable scent and its soft taste distingue it from other dishes.

Give space to your creativity, use it to flavour your first dishes.


Aspects: Cylindrical or oval shape with the characteristic black casing

Consistence: soft but compact

Aspect on slicing: the slice has a rosy color and gives off a characteristic and aromatic scent thanks to the addition of pistachio.

Weight: on average 7/8 Kg

Ingredients: Black pig meat, water, salt, sugar, white pepper, pistachio, preservative E250


NEBRODI BLACK PIG MORTADELLA NUTRITIONAL VALUES.  Nutritional medium values. Values each 100g
Energetic value 372 Kcal
Protein <0,1 g
Carbohydrates 1,8 g
Fats 54 g
Sature fats 18,5 g
Alimentar fibers 0 g
Sodium 2,2 g