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Where does it live and where can you find it?

The Nebrodi are a mountain chain which encloses in a great hug the Sicilian northern coast together with other two mountain chains: the Peloritani and the Madonie.Nebrodi Park

The world Nebrodi comes from the Greek NEBROS (νεβρος), which means ‘fawn’. This name is due to the tons of fawns which lived free in this environment in the past. They grew in the wild, in a territory which today is the same as in the past. Indeed it is still full of uncontaminated places and idyllic landscapes. 

Do you think I’m wrong? Wait… I’m adding other things.

Close your eyes and try to figure what I’m describing. Behind you have the centennial peaks of the Nebrodi mountain chain which was house of griffons. In front of you there the wide expanse of the Tyrrhenian Sea with his outlines marked by the presence of the Aeolian Islands and by the sandy coasts. Together with this you have to imagine vast green lands, irreplaceable habitats for the Black Pig.

Mach person who thinks about Sicily imagines the clear sea, the beaches, the teeming land, the hot weather. Yes, this is a clear description of what we are. The Nebrodi are one of the few zones which can give us a clear idea of what Sicily was.  Going on an excursion on these mountains means diving totally in green spaces. In a natural green which sometimes is wild and often is interrupted by a yellow flower or by the smelling yellow of the brooms (ginestre).

This land, full of charm, mystery and suggestions, has waited for a lot of years to be awakened, discovered and valorised.

The Sicilian Black Pig grows in this environment and if you want to taste all this features in a product you should choose ours.